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Bobby K.
Quick FactsMug Shot
Location: Edmonton
Current Firm: Alentus
Current Position: Business Development
How Long in the Biz: 9 years
About Bobby K.
I am currently a business development manager (SharePoint) for Alentus, a medium sized internet hosting company. I come from a technical support background, but prior to that I have been a Power Engineer, Writer, Technical Writer, Trainer, Website Designer, Musician, and Laboratory Technologist.
Why I Became a Friend of The Firm List
Alentus has made use of The Firm List to gain access to a highly targetted list of potential customers - not for SPAM, but for person to person contact and possible follow up. The Firm List has proven to be a valuable tool and I recommend to anyone who uses it to take the time to improve it in any way possible.
How I am Helping Out
Bobby has helped weed out dead listings. Thank you!
Check Out These Sites/Projects
These are projects of mine that I think you might like:
- Alentus
- Dot Net Nuke Playing Around Site
- SharePoint Play Site
- L7-i
These are other sites I like & promote:
- Alentus Servers First - Dedicated Servers
- Alentus - Windows WebHosting
- Free SharePoint Demo Site
- Alentus Technical Support FAQs etc.
Other Friends
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