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George Morris
Quick FactsMug Shot
Location: Boulder, CO
Current Firm: Imulus
Current Position: Co-Owner
How Long in the Biz: 2 years
About George Morris
Like many in the early 90's I taught myself how to develop sites in HTML and for a few years I ran an unofficial fan site for Rage Against the Machine while in college. After I graduated I started my own web design company, Unsoma; which was a failure. I was about to go into my family trade of construction before Refinery, Inc hired me as a web developer. After volunteering to move from Philly to Colorado to open Refinery's Boulder office, I was promoted to Project Manager where a good friend taught me alot about business skills.

Refinery closed the Boulder office in November of 2002 prompting myself and two co-workers to found and run Imulus. Which since 2003 has been an amazing experience.
Why I Became a Friend of The Firm List
Matte does an incredible job with this. I've volunteered my time to web projects before and they are tough to maintain, let alone at the level Matte maintains them at. I appreciate Matte's hard work and I think the FirmList is the best design + interactive directory on the Net. Nice work Matte!
How I am Helping Out
I appreciate all the help George has provided both to keep the listings clean but also in support of The Firm List as an advertiser and a Full Member. This site is a lot of hard work, but when people understand what I put into it, they realize how they can help.
Check Out These Sites/Projects
These are projects of mine that I think you might like:
- Helix Technology
- Conduant Corporation
- Anark Corporation
- Xaffire Corporation
These are other sites I like & promote:
- Engadget
- Internet News
- LinkedIn
Other Friends
The number of Friends of The Firm List is growing every day. This is a list of those who have completed profiles. This is in no way a complete list and I'd like to thank all of those Friends who remain unidentified.
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